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We are a Calgary based start-up focused on developing cloud software to support REALTORS®

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Who is ToJi?

We are a Calgary based start-up focused on developing cloud software to support REALTORS® with managing their data needs. The ToJi team was formed when a two friends both began looking to purchase their first family homes and were demanding more data for every home they looked at to support the potential investment. They quickly realized the amount of time their REALTOR® was spending in an effort to try to feed their overwhelming thirst for data, and they decided to team up with the REALTOR® to build new tools that help REALTOR® analyze and visualize vast amounts of data that can then be shared with their clients to strengthen the REALTOR® / Client connection.

At ToJi we recognize that every property is unique. Our goal is to analyze as much data as possible and present it to REALTORS® and their clients in easy to digest visuals. TOJI’s software analyses up to 1.5 million data points in seconds to create those visuals.

Why use ToJi?

Contact Management

ToJi Tools allows you to quickly and easily manage information about all of your contacts. We offer a full suite of tools for supporting your contact management, including a personalized dashboard, custom fields, and detailed client activity reports.

Supporting Your Position

As technology continues to advance, society is becoming more accustomed to being inundated with data and are seeking out as much data as possible to them make even the simplest decisions.

TOJI creates a series of graphs and charts that help support your story about a market that is tailored to your specific property. REALTORS® are able to explain to their clients what they believe think the value of a property is, the likelihood to sell a home, what the impact is when a customer wants to chase the market, or even what the value of finishing basement is worth. REALTORS® are able customize the data in an order that fits their personal approach as well they have the ability to adjust certain data based on their expertise.


With real estate being one of the largest investments a person will make in their lives, the expectation that REALTORS® supply more data to support a decision is becoming more time consuming.

Creating a TOJI report about the value of a property only takes a few seconds. Not only does this help with instant credibility at a listing appointment, but you can now prepare - in minutes – analytics specific to all of the potential properties during a session of showings with your clients.


Generating new leads in this day and age is becoming more complex as technology allows society to be more self-serving than ever before. Although a REALTOR® can share a report with anyone, TOJI reports are only configurable by REALTORS®.

TOJI can be used either as a way to generate new customer by the sharing of new reports with clients, as well tool to identifying when an existing customer might be interested in an upcoming transaction.


Contact Management

Real Estate is a people game, and people management is more important then ever in this ever changing landscape. ToJi offers a fully featured CRM designed by REALTORS® for REALTORS® to simplify every day tasks but still provide long term management.

Client Activity

Knowing how your clients use their customized portal is important when analyzing who to engage and when. ToJi offers a fully featured client tracking portal so you can tell when a client views a report, how often they've viewed an individual report, and you can plot their activity.

Price Trend

The heart of TOJI not only helps to quickly answer the question “What is a property worth?”, but answers the follow-up question of “Why?”. By displaying the trend of similar homes, REALTORS® can easily justify the baseline value of a home.

Forecasted Sale Price Over Time

Helps answer the question of the value of a specific property over time. TOJI Analyses the entire community activity to create these values.

Cost of Chasing the Market

Helps answer the question about what happens if you over-price your home. Sales take longer and you get a smaller % of your original list price.

Sales by Month

Unlike most Real Estate Board statistics which show the activity of an entire community or city, this graph shows the specific activity of homes like the comparable clients home.

Happy Clients Say...

Even before launching TOJI – during our BETA testing with a small group of REALTORS®, TOJI showed its impact with the REALTORS® – below is some of the amazing feedback we have been proud to be receive already.

“TOJI is the most inuitive home pricing tool that I've ever used. It's fast, simple to use and provides your sellers with an easy to understand visual of their homes value. TOJI cuts through the minutia and is a exceptional tool to separate you from your competition”

Kris Dennis www.TeamDennis.ca Re/MAX® First-Calgary

“TOJI tools will give a new agent instant credibility, and an experienced agent an innovative way to communicate with their clients.”

Eric Dennis www.EricDennis.ca Re/MAX® First-Calgary

“TOJI is a game changer in the real estate world giving you lightening speed CMAs and graphs to tell the story to your clients. Clients trust the data because it is all about the facts. Saving you time and reducing the margin of error. Thanks TOJI.”

Ron Isaac www.RonIsaac.com CIR Realty®-Calgary


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In the News

CREB® Forecast Event

On January 31, 2018 TOJI Tools will be at the CREB® Forecast Event in booth 506. Come on down and say hi!

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200 Members Strong!

ToJi Tools is happy to announce that we are 200 members strong and growing, and after only 1 year!

Thank you again to all of our loyal customers; You make our business better every day!